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About The Parish News

The Parish News is an experimental radio show that plays the best in new and avant-garde music, Field Recordings and Sound Art.

The Parish News is an online radio program podcast created in 2018 to showcase experimental music and artists.

The show focuses on a wide array of genres including (but not limited to) noise, experimental ambient, electronic, avant-garde music, musique concrète, found sound, drone, power electronics, industrial and dark ambient. The Parish News is heard weekly on Resonance EXTRA, Harrogate Community Radio, Soundart Radio & KBOG.

Hosted by a self-confessed radio geek, Andrew Backhouse, the presenting style is pretty crap but the music is always spot on. To keep up to date, follow this online programme on Social Media @TheParishNews – thanks for listening.

Meet The Host

Andy Backhouse

Andy Backhouse


The Parish News is hosted by Andrew Backhouse. Andrew is a sound artist in his own right & he is also part of the No.1 Charting dub group Guerrilla Dub System. But for his day job, Andrew is a freelance digital designer in Harrogate. Andrew runs the record label Focused Silence and he has been part of the Backhouse/Morgan Marriage experiment since 2011. For more on Andrew, please see www.backhouse.wtf. We have an open ear here at The Parish News. If you want to be considered for inclusion on our playlist, be sure to send your sounds as MP3s to Andy at [email protected] by using the button below….

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