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One-Hundred and Nineteenth Edition of The Parish News


The One-Hundred and Nineteenth Edition Of The Parish News: I play a lot more of a gentler set on this weeks show. I was sat listening to last week’s Gaffa Tape Take-Over with a couple of Audio Engineers and they were visibly twitching with discomfort over the amount of distortion on the thing. I quite liked the show though – plus, I received good feedback from it.

This week’s show is recorded in a new piece of Software – I have made the move from Reaper to Adobe Audition. I am a web designer by trade and I need a full Adobe subscription – so, I receive Audition as part of that. The processes are pretty much the same as in Reaper – just they make my voice a bit more polished. I am a fan and the two audio engineers approve too!

If you dig the show and you want to chip in the cost of a coffee for me making it then use the button embedded tot he left. It is nice to be nice. If you have a station and you want to broadcast the show then email me at [email protected] to see about syndicating the show.

I often bang on about supporting the artist by buying their releases, but AMP is crowdfunding the pressing of their vinyl. Click on any of the album names in the tracklist below this text to be forwarded to a place to part with cash. Thanks for listening x

experimental radio show

Artist / Album / Song / Label

Geir Sundstøl / Brødløs / Leben / Hubro Music
Martin Ptak / River Tales / Stream / Col Legno
Jeffrey Lewis / The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane / The Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song / Self Release
Kasper Skullerud Værnes & Andreas Wildhagen / Troposgrafien / Skysoveren / Nakama Records
Amp / Entangled Time / Drifting / Self-Release – Pledge Music
Nazar / Enclave / Konvoy / Hyperdub
Maze & Lindholm / Where The Wolf Has Been Seen /  Part IV / Aurora Borealis
Kutin | Kindlinger / Decomposition IV: Variations on Bulletproof Glass / X26 / Ventil Records
Daweh Congo / Human Rights & Justice / Herb Tree
Oliver Coates / Shelley’s on Zenn-La / A Church / RVNG
Monte & Hep! / Samphappalapa / Side A / Czaszka Records
Leonard Cohen / Songs of Leonard Cohen / Suzanne / Sony
Captain Beefheart / Clear Spot / Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles / Reprise Records
Dylan Neely / Harpagos / Mandane / Focused Silence
Abby Lee Tee / Herbert`s Archive / Repository II / Dinzu Artefacts
Richard Burton / Richard Burton Reads 15 Poems by Dylan Thomas / The Hand That Signed the Paper / Trunk Records
Hauschka / The Prepared Piano / Where Were You / Karaoke Kalk
Jan Wagner / Nummern / Nummer B / Klangbad

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